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Random Rant

Recently, I heard of a "Life in a Day" thing on YouTube. I heard about Alex Days'. I wish I could have an accomplished life like that... Do you know why I'm so lazy? Why I'm always marginally depressed? Because I've seen the big picture. Why should I care about getting good grades? To get a better job? Why do I want a better job? More money? What good is the money going to do me once I'm dead? That's how it ends. Everyone dies. Eventually. And the historians in the far future are going to get our history so wrong, and it kills me! Not that there's anything worth getting right in the history books nowadays anyways... but we're always going to have stupid wars, we're always going to kill eachother off, there will always be crime, hate, prejudice, racism, Christianity, and other matters. There will never be enough good to outweigh the bad, and until enough people who are high in power realize that money is nothing, humans will keep going around and around and around making the same FUCKING mistakes! There's my rant for today.

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