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Here is the very first Chapter. I will follow up with Ch.2 in about 14 seconds. I will post chapters here. Do NOT plagaraize, or I will kick your ass.

~Chapter 1~
It was cold and dark, and that was all she knew. It was then bright. In the daze she found herself in, she heard jumbled words and phrases. Buleer! Kluur! Clear! She felt a sharp lurch in her chest, and found she could make no noise. Finally, she was allowed rest and heard someone calling out her name. "Alisa! Alisa!" the voice said numerous times. By the 6th time, Alisa had passed out.

Whether there was a dream to be dreampt, she didn't know. When she awoke, her mother, Sherry, was holding her hand.
"Nice to see you, sleepyhead," said Sherry, with tears in her eyes.
"Hey mom," she replied. "everything hurts... what happened?"
Sherry's sad smile quickly died.
It all ran through Sherry's mind in an instant.

July 13, 2010.
The day it happened.
Alisa was walking with her friend Jasmine, and they were sharing the headphones on Jasmine's iPod. The song, as it was later released, had been "Heaven On A Sunday" by Sir Paul McCartney. They were at a crosswalk in front of the Old Balldown End Mall. Jasmine had bought a large blue raspberry slushee, and Alisa had a plain ol' ice cream cone. They started off across the street, and Alisa thought of Abbey Road. Shortly thereafter, Jasmine grabbed at her arm. The cone fell to the ground and splattered, like a glob of jelly against a wall. Everything hurt. She heard a car door slam, and saw nothing but red.
"Shit! Shit! Oh my god!" screamed the man who got out of the car.
"What the fuck were you thinking? Can you fucking see?" Jasmine yelled at him.
The man was bald, sweating profusely, and was wiping it away with a plaid golf cap, which soaked into his white golfing gloves.
A security guard had seen the whole thing and called 911. The ambulance came, and they loaded Alisa into the back. She had stopped breathing.

As Sherry told Alisa the story, Alisa blinked in disbelief.
"What happened to Jasmine? Is she ok?" asked Alisa.
"Actually, she i-" Sherry began.
There was some shuffling of feet outside the hospital room, and in walked Jasmine.
"Alisa! You're awake!"
Jasmine came over and carefully hugged Alisa, minding the casts on her left arm and right leg, and also the neck brace she was wearing.
"Alisa, I'm so sorry I let you get hit, but I saw him a split second after you did, and I tried to grab you, and-"
Jasmine started to cry.
After about ten minutes of hugs and comfort, the nurse came to inform the group that visiting times were over. As Jasmine prepared to go, Sherry pulled her to the side.
"Thank you so much for watching out for her and trying to protect her." Sherry said, hugging Jasmine tightly.
"You're welcome, I guess, but it wasn't a choice. I had to at least try to do something. I also don't exactly have a ride home. I kinda walked here." replied Jasmine.
"Oh, it's no trouble at all. I am curious, though. Aren't you sixteen? You could get a license, couldn't you?"
The nurse ushered them out before Jasmine could answer.

Sherry dropped Jasmine off at home, and drove off. Jasmine was quiet as not to wake her uncle and little brother. As soon as she got in to the house and closed the door, She heard a small knocking coming from upstaris.
"OK, I'm home now!" She yelled up the stairs.
The noises abruptly stopped.
She went into her room, grabbed her bed clothes, and went downstairs to shower. When that was finished, she promptly went to bed.
Before she fell asleep, the last thought to cross her mind was that her uncle was unmarried.

The next morning, Alisa woke up from a very strange dream. In the dream, she was wearing a plaid golf cap, and was tied up. She had a white golfing glove in her mouth as a gag, and she was about to get hit with a nine-iron. It came swinging at her in slow motion, and when it was a millimeter from her cheek, she woke up. She moved her arm and screamed.
The nurse came rushing in, asking her what was wrong.
"Oh, nothing. I had a pretty messed up dream, and I woke up and hit my arm on the railing."
The nurse propped her arm up, gave a satisfactory nod, and walked out of the room.
Alisa averted her eyes to the T.V. screen and sighed. Sesame Street was on.
-What do they think I am? Five?- she thought to herself. The T.V. then shuffled channels to channel 23, where a reporter was just coming in live from the Old Balldown End Mall.
"Yesterday at approximately 1:28 in the afternoon, a girl and her friend were walking right about where I am stnading now. A man came driving in and struck one of them. Police have released information about him. His name was Roger Sandersburg, age 34, and he was on his cellphone when the accident took place." said the reporter in a voice that suggested she had a cold.
The nurse brought in some food.
-Bleh. Hospital food. Probably government rations, like at school.- Alisa thought.
She thanked the nurse, and began eating.
She was unaware that the pain in her leg had gone away.

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