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Well, today was nothing special. This will be based on my opinion, so if my mom sees this, YOU CAN'T GET ME IN TROUBLE MA! Anyway, here is a page long essay about the sentence. I did this for Accelerated Language Arts.

The Sentence
Hey! Stop! Don't say another word! Do you even know that much about the words you speak? No? So you're going to make me tell you? Alright, I guess.
Well, I'm sure you know about the sentence. What? You don't? Why not? You're making this harder than it should be. Anyway, back to the sentence. The sentence has two main parts, the subject, and the predicate. Hey there! I'm not done yet, sit down! Besides having a subject and a predicate, the subject and predicate are made of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Nouns are words describing people, places, or things. Verbs are words that describe action. Adjectives are words that make nouns sound better, and adverbs are words that make verbs a little more specific. Now, not all sentences are the same. No, no, no, sentences can vary in length and depth, also. They may strike readers or listeners with sudden emotion, evoke humor, and sometimes, be just plain dreadful. Now, this is an example of length. Did you know the shortest sentence in the world is
“I am.” because it has the simplest subject (I) and the simplest predicate (am)? If you've ever read a Stephen King novel, you may have gotten the emotion part I was talking about.
Well, I do believe I've wasted enough of your time, so I guess you should go. Remember what I said. Actually forget what I said. Now, you DO know about what you speak with.

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